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Welcome to the West Bowling Activity Group (WBAG)

West Bowling Activity Group (WBAG) was established in 2003 and is managed by a group of volunteers from the West Bowling area.

WBAG aims to advance the social, health, welfare and educational needs of the local community through the provision of:
  • Mutual exchange of opinions amongst the community through links & contacts with other local organizations.
  • Promoting social, health and educational services.
  • Promoting relations and co-operation with other organisations for the betterment of the local community.
  • Providing facilities and services for the improvement in educational standards development of the children.
  • Arrange activities to encourage health living.
  • Arrange educational courses.
  • Arrange day-trips, activities and events as requested.
  • WBAG works with people across the spectrum, e.g. children, adults, males, females, different nationalities, etc.

Activity Photos

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The West Bowling Activity Group organised a bike ride from Madni Centre, West Bowling to Liverpool. Initially its aim was to raise money for the re-development of our new facilities in the Madni Centre, however in view of recent events in London it was decided to change its purpose to show ‘Unity & Respect for All’.  - click here to see photos and the full story of our successful trip!